Introducing the Robot Vulnerability Database (RVD)

This paper discusses the need for a specialized vulnerability enumeration for robots and robot components and introduces the Robot Vulnerability Database (RVD)

ERRoSS 2020

I am very happy to co-chair the first International Workshop on Engineering Resilient Robot Software Systems (ERRoSS2020) in March 2020. This workshop is a joint effort with Prof. Martin Pinzger from Klagenfurt University to bring more software engineering and security into the robotics domain. The workshof focuses on building resilient (i.e., secure and well engineered) software to modern robots. Due to the complexity of this field, we expect a wide range of topics from software engineering related work to security.

Penetration testing ROS

ROS is the most popular framework in robotics research and it also grows in terms of industrial use. This makes ROS a worthwhile target for attackers especially since security is not addressed by the core framework itself. Its open architecture and …

Resilient Self-Calibration in Distributed Visual Sensor Networks

Today, camera networks are pervasively used in smart environments such as intelligent homes, industrial automa tion or surveillance. These applications often require cameras to be aware of their spatial neighbors or even to operate on …

Cybersecurity for robotics at ERF2019

A look back on what happened in recent years in ROS security


We are very happy that our two submitted papers have been accepted at the International Conference on Robotic Computing 2019. I will present our paper on Security considerations in modular mobile manipulation. Marc Pichler will present our joint work with the Software Engineering Research Group at the Alpen-Adria Unversity Klagenfurt titled Can I depend on you? Mapping the dependency and quality landscape of ROS packages. See you in Naples.

Security considerations in modular mobile manipulation

Mobile manipulation will play an essential role in future production's intralogistics. In addition, it can be assumed that location-independence of manipulation will greatly contribute to flexible production and higher efficiency in robot use. …

Volatile Memory Forensics for the Robot Operating System

The increasing impact of robotics on industry and on society will unavoidably lead to the involvement of robots in incidents and mishaps. In such cases, forensic analyses are key techniques to provide useful evidence on what happened, and try to …


IROS 2018 Recently, we have been at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems. I have given a talk in the SROS2 tutorial. Sebastian Taurer has presented our paper and concept for a secure Black Box for intelligent robots.

Security fundamentals and ROS security

In this talk, I give a short introduction into security fundamentals and go into depth on security issues in ROS1 and how they can be exploited.