Cybersecurity for robotics at ERF2019

A look back on what happened in recent years in ROS security

Quantum Computation in Robotic Science and Applications

Using the effects of quantum mechanics for computing challenges has been an often discussed topic for decades. The frequent successes and early products in this area, which we have seen in recent years, indicate that we are currently entering a new …

Touching Robotics

This project aims to increase the public awareness and discussion on robotics. We host different events to get in touch with the public and especially younger generations.

Secure data recording and bio-inspired functional integrity for intelligent robots

As modern robots become more intelligent, also their use will broaden in public and professional areas. While the aim is to make robots beneficial to humans and society, using those complex machines in complex environments will eventually lead to …

Ein sicherer Datenrekorder für intelligente Roboter und autonome Systeme

Security for the Robot Operating System

Future robotic systems will be situated in highly networked environments where they communicate with industrial control systems, cloud services or other systems at remote locations. In this trend of strong digitization of industrial systems (also …

Safety & Security--Erfolgsfaktoren von sensitiven Robotertechnologien

Secure communication for the Robot Operating System

Application-level security for ROS-based Applications