The goal of this project is to work on the technical fundamentals to make future robots credible (that is, perceivable trustworthy). We work on many aspects of robot systems like sensors, perception, control, safety and planning. Within this project, I am concerned with developing methods for achieving transparency towards a user as well as with cross-disciplinary aspects of trustworthiness, robot ethics and credibility.

‘Bismarck 4.0’: A Cross-Disciplinary Thought Experiment on Cyber Pacifism

This essay summarizes the claims on IT security that have been presented and discussed during the workshop “YuMi in Action! Ethics and Engineering as Transdisciplinary Robotics Performance”. As a sort of “Ems Telegram” in the era of digital …

We are living in a social submarine! Children are still the better adults.

In three sections some interactions at the workshop “YuMi in Action! Ethics and Engineering as Transdisciplinary Robotics Performance” and related later reflections are summarized. The primary emphasis is to illustrate what transdisciplinarity is and …

Summer of Robots 2019

I am very happy that we will be able to host another instance of the “Summer of Robots” event in 2019. The Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund (KWF) has agreed to extend the Touching Robotics project. This allows us to use the remaining funds to organize another three-day event for young people to get them in contact with robots and AI. I am very much looking forward to that event.

Touching Robotics

This project aims to increase the public awareness and discussion on robotics. We host different events to get in touch with the public and especially younger generations.

Uncanny Valley panel discussion

I have been invited to join a panel discussion on ethical issues in future robots and AI. The Theater am Ortweinplatz in Graz, Austria, is showing the play "The uncanny valley", which is revolving around robots, humans, love and identity. After the …