Introducing the Robot Vulnerability Database (RVD)


Cybersecurity in robotics is an emerging topic that has gained significant traction. Researchers have demonstrated some of the potentials and effects of cyber attacks on robots lately. This implies safety related adverse consequences causing human harm, death or lead to significant integrity loss clearly overcoming the privacy concerns in classical IT world. In cybersecurity research, the use of vulnerability databases is a very reliable tool to responsibly disclose vulnerabilities in software products and raise willingness of vendors to address these issues. In this paper we argue, that existing vulnerability databases are of insufficient information density and show some biased content with respect to vulnerabilities in robots. This paper presents the Robot Vulnerability Database (RVD), a directory for responsible disclosure of bugs, weaknesses and vulnerabilities in robots. This article aims to describe the design and process as well as the associated disclosure policy behind RVD. Furthermore the authors present preliminary selected vulnerabilities already contained in RVD and call to the robotics and security communities for contribution to the endeavour of eliminating zero-day vulnerabilities in robotics.

ArXiv preprint